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Story 1

To All the lovely ladies I met and anyone who helped with the blessing basket, I just want to start off by saying Thank you. To my daughter it was almost like Christmas. We have had it really rough the last few years, and you’ll never know how much new towels and all the nice smelling soaps and cleaners meant to us. Plus the special coloring book for her (she loves owls).

Story 2

I am what you would call the working poor. Over the years sometimes I even work 2 jobs just to try and keep our heads above water.  Because I work and there are only 2 of us in our family I don’t qualify for any government help. And sometimes we are overlooked because people think it’s easier for me having only one child. It’s just not the case for us. I used to do ok but I was in a horrible car accident that gave me permanent nerve damage in my head. The time off work and medical bills really put a strain on us but we were somehow making it. Then the medication I was taking for this nerve damage caused me to get an infection in my heart. And I ended up losing the job I was barely making it on. We ended up evicted. I had to move in with my mother and her husband which was an awful situation.  Let’s just say my mom didn’t raise me, so our relationship is strained at best. My daughter and I spent 2 years living in one bedroom with our 2 dogs. We were barely allowed to bathe or do laundry and the food situation was always a fight because of my Mom’s husband. It was almost like prison (I’m guessing). My daughter and I even celebrated holidays in that bedroom. We dyed eggs in there and made a Christmas tree on the wall out of dollar tree garland, but hey we made it out. We finally got our own house with our own rooms. I’m working at a better paying job with really amazing women. When they realized how hard it was for me to buy school supplies they all chipped in and got my daughter supplies.  I’ve only been there a few months. All the little things really help because with asthma, nerve damage and heart issues medical bills and medication really add up so we really scrape by. Thank God I was blessed with such an amazing daughter who is such a survivor. She understands why we can’t have name brand clothes or foods or even shampoo. She gets that we have to eat a lot of Mac and cheese and ramen noodles, and she really, really appreciated everything that was in your basket it truly was a blessing. Because sometimes we have to choose between milk or shampoo, and we end up using dish soap in our hair. So that wonderfully delicious smelling shampoo and conditioner really was a nice treat. Thank you all so much!

Story 3

My son is deaf, and I just moved here from Arkansas. I’m a single mother of four boys – 28, 24, 18, and 13. It is now just my 13 year old son and me. I have a lot of health issues and medical expenses, along with bills from moving, etc. I am struggling. I am disabled from being hurt on the job as a home health care giver. The generosity of Live Church and the blessing basket was amazing and nothing short of a small miracle from God. Thank you for the blessing basket. I would like to know how I can volunteer to make and deliver blessing baskets to help others like it helped me. Thank you, and God bless!