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About Us

Blessing Baskets started as a small ministry in Republic, MO in January of 2018, distributing baskets with essential household items to individuals and families in need. As the ministry quickly grew, we transitioned to a non-profit organization in August of 2018 and now serve Christian and Greene counties in Missouri.

Our goal is to alleviate hunger and personal needs by soliciting, collecting, and packaging items for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups. Our services include personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and some food items. Blessing Baskets receives support from charitable organizations and partners. In the next few years, we would like to not only provide for the emergent needs of people, but we would also like to assist families and individuals with becoming more self-sufficient.

Approximately 20% or more of Greene and Christian County residents qualify for assistance from Blessing Baskets. Our client base consists of low-income individuals and families who need emergency help with essential daily living items and food. Nearly over half of those served by the program are children. We currently operate in a warehouse facility, where we store donated items and food items for distribution. The program actively solicits donated items from charitable organizations and businesses.

It is estimated that the number of children who need services from Blessing Baskets will increase during the next five years. Christian Co and Greene Co is growing and a number of new families entering the area. A number of programs exist to help transition these new families into the county. Blessing Baskets is an important resource to these programs, because we are able to respond quickly with some of the most important resources these families need – essential daily living items and food.

Our services improves the ability of families to care for children and eventually achieve goals of self-sufficiency. Blessing Baskets’ services, now, are a small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of essential items and food in these counties and the influence it has on a number of health and crime issues.